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M.A. Journalism alumna Chiara Zambrano (M.A. Journ 2015) has been named one of the Philippines Ten Outstanding Young Men for 2018 by the Jaycees of the Philippines. Zambrano, who is a reporter for ABS-CBN, was cited for her works in Journalism and Mass Communication. Zambrano began a year long scholarship on documentary…(Read More)

What would you do if a group of policemen showed up at your doorstep and asked you to pee into a plastic cup for an on-the-spot drug test that could reveal whether or not you had taken shabu or marijuana in the last seven days?     READ FULL ARTICLE HERE   This…(Read More)

Memories of Marawi


Memories of Marawi   Three years ago, the Asian Center for Journalism traveled to Northern Mindanao as part of Panglantaw Mindanao (Mindanao perspective), a project aimed at producing multimedia stories on Mindanao issues.   Armed with cameras, voice recorders and laptops, the team planned to reach as far as Marawi, the only city in the…(Read More)

Investigative journalism- Tricks of the trade by Aya Lowe     “Think about it this way, if you don’t know how your money is being spent, if you don’t know how decisions are being made and if you don’t know who is influencing what. Then, how do you know what you really…(Read More)

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