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In this online course students get to explore the power of the image visual tools and techniques, Gestalt principles of perceptual organization, visual analysis, visual ethics and an introduction to visual storytelling…(Read More)

A nine-week online course that provides an introduction to writing and reporting for journalists across multiple platforms with particular focus on storytelling in the new media age. Students are given the chance to do exercises in story planning, research, interviewing, writing and production of  stories for text, online, audio and video that provide context…(Read More)

DMJ on-campus sessions


A five-day on-campus component of DMJ 180: Fundamentals of Multimedia Journalism and handled by seasoned multimedia journalist Peter Carney…(Read More)

This course is designed to challenge students, intellectually and technically, and to augment their knowledge and practice of photojournalism. It provides theory and practicum in the following areas: law and ethics; processes of reporting public affairs and politics, visual framing, changing media landscape; photographic workflows; story telling in single photos, photo stories and multimedia; writing…(Read More)

Sourcing content from the audience has become a commonplace practice in the news media. Many news organizations have integrated social media content such as tweets, Facebook posts and amateur videos in their news operations – from the gathering and verifying of stories to their dissemination.Thus the news industry has become increasingly conversational, participatory and diverse…(Read More)

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