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Merapi volcanic eruption aftermath



The Merapi volcano, located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia has erupted for several times now; and yet the people who live close to it still come back to settle there. These residents have already lost family members and properties but are not afraid to face imminent danger along their way.


The last eruption of Merapi started on October 26, 2010 and was measured to be the strongest in the last century. Its ash emissions reached an altitude of 40, 000 feet, affecting around 370, 000 people living in the 20 kilometer-radius danger zone. Reports account for 190 fatalities due to pyroclastic flows and ashfall.


There is evidence that the current low level of activity may be interrupted by larger explosive eruptions. Eruptions of Merapi volcano during the 7 to 19th centuries A.D. were more violent than the past hundred years and even produced explosion pyroclastic flows. Widespread pyroclastic flows and surges traveled up to 25 kilometers down the flanks of Merapi.


The danger is always lurking, but they do not want to leave their hometown because they feel that their homes and lands have heritage that must be maintained.


About the photojournalist

Didit (b. 1979) serves as a photojournalist for Suara Pembaruan, an Indonesia daily newspaper in photojournalism. Over the past years, he has worked for Tempo daily newspapers, Greenpeace Indonesia and several magazines. In 2008, Didit won the Husni Thamrin award for best news photo.


He runs his own paragliding and paramotor flying school. This passion of his started when he became a full-feldged aerial photographer for various projects. Despite his busy schedule, he does a lot of traveling around the world.


Didit received a bachelor of laws degree from Trisakti University, Jakarta. He was an ACFJ scholar when he took the DPJ in 2011.

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