Fellowships for MA Journalism and Scholarships for Visual Journalism

by | Feb 14, 2014

Fellowships for MA Journalism

The ACFJ Fellowships for MA Journalism sponsor Asian journalists who can demonstrate excellence in their work and are contributing in a significant way to the press in their own societies. Full grants cover tuition fees, books, travel (international and domestic) and living expenses for the on-campus sessions. Other forms of support are available to senior journalists, teachers and part-time working journalists.


A screening committee evaluates all applications and interviews of shortlisted candidates. Excellence in professional work, potential to succeed in the program and commitment to good journalism are key screening criteria.



An applicant must possess the following criteria to be eligible:

1. Has met the requirements for admission to the program

2. Has at least two (2) years experience as a fulltime photojournalist/multimedia journalist, photographer or journalist

3. Has an excellent academic and professional record

4. Has qualifications which meet the aims of the scholarship program.


* The ACFJ grants are open to fulltime journalists from any part of Asia.


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