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The Philippine media has a well-earned reputation for fearless reporting, much of it gained during the dark days of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos when the media was either closed or heavily censored. This gave rise to a thriving underground press known as the “Mosquito Press.” It never stayed in one place, was constantly on…(Read More)

Record audio and video, shoot the stills, and then edit them on screen to create sophisticated video. That‘s how journalists equipped with only mobile phones report breaking news…(Read More)

As I watched live coverage of the hostage taking in Manila on television last Monday (August 23) my mind wandered back to another hostage drama in London 30 years ago when I was based there as a correspondent for the newspaper, The Australian. On Wednesday 30 April 1980, the BBC interrupted its morning broadcasting with…(Read More)

by Jonathan Corpus Ong   By now Filipinos home and abroad, and witnesses the world over, have a stock of visuals and voices that would mark their experiences of the tragic events at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila last August 23. A tall, proud tourist bus, its sides emblazoned in bold Chinese characters, became the…(Read More)

Citizen journalism is fast gaining popularity in Southeast Asia, thanks to technology and recognition of the role of the public in news gathering, according to four MA Journalism alumni who spoke at the second day of the Fifth Annual Form for Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University on June 8…(Read More)

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