2016 Certificate Courses

by | Sep 3, 2016 | News, Uncategorized

The Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism is offering a series of short courses for practicing journalists and photojournalists looking to adapt to new ways and tools of reporting.


The courses are part of ACFJ’s mission of continuing education for practicing journalists, as well as other media practitioners, who face many challenges in a rapidly changing journalism environment.


The courses are:


  • Social Media Live (Sept 24 to Oct. 8)
  • Trends in Visual Journalism (Oct 1 to Oct. 15)
  • Digital publishing (Oct 22 to Nov. 5)
  • Feature Writing (Nov. 12 to 26)
  • Copyrights law for Media (Dec. 3 to 17)


The courses will consist of online lectures and a mentoring program where lecturers and editors provide inputs for students to improve their work.


The courses are free to alumni of the ACFJ (M.A. Journalism, Diploma in Photojournalism, and Diploma in Multimedia Journalism.) The courses will be available for a fee to non-alumni.


Interested applicants may inquire at acfj.soss@ateneo.edu.

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