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The book that featured the works of the first eight graduates of ACFJ’s MA Journalism program was reviewed by Pacific Media Center director Dr David Robie.   In his review entitled Conflicts challenge the Asian news media, Dr Robie lauded the book saying “The chapters in Blood are a celebration of the KAF [Konrad…(Read More)

Four Mindanao-based graduates of ACFJ’s photojournalism and multimedia journalism programs received citations for their reports which featured consequences of conflict in the Philippine media. Photojournalism alumna Ruby Thursday More’s still photo entitled ‘Bakwit’ (displaced persons; based on the word ‘evacuate’) won the second prize in the photography category of the Red Cross…(Read More)

Visual literacy student Yusuf Ahmed and DPJ alumni A.M. Ahad and Soham Gupta were among the 10 photographers recognized in Transparency International’s youth photo and writing competition last month. Their photos bested around 500 entries on the theme ‘Illustrate the negative effects that corruption has on your world,’ according to the organizer’s…(Read More)

Three of Sailendra Kharel’s images were recognized in the International Money Express (IME)-Global IME Bank Nepal photo contest and exhibition 069 held in July. Kharel’s still image about the local women of the Mustang district of Nepal was named as the Photo of the Year while his still image of a young…(Read More)