Diploma in Visual Journalism: A merger of Diploma in Photojournalism and Diploma in Multimedia Journalism

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The Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism is offering the Diploma in Visual Journalism to practicing Asian photojournalists and journalists.


A merger of two programs–Diploma in Photojournalism and Diploma in Multimedia Journalism –the DVJ program is a blended learning course aimed at giving media practitioners a wider theoretical and practical perspective on visual storytelling for news events.


The DVJ program is composed of five courses: Fundamentals of Visual Journalism, Visual Storyteling/Literacy, Journalistic Writing for Multimedia, Multimedia Platform Practices, Final Portfolio and Publication. Near the end of the program is the on-campus session where students gather face-to-face for the portfolio presentation that caps the program.


Please see the chart below for total tuition and other fees, excluding living costs for the on-campus sessions to be held at the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City. You may download the schedule of fees in the ACFJ website, https://acfj.ateneo.edu/academics/.


Tuition discounts of 50% are granted to teachers and academicians, e.g. registrars, guidance counselors, school administrators, and curriculum writers outside the Ateneo. This is designed to assist educators in earning their academic standing to qualify them to teach in college.


For 2017, ACFJ will be granting tuition discounts for eligible practicing photojournalists who meet the criteria.



Diploma in Visual Journalism

Schedule of fees

SY 2017

Tuition and Other Fees

Diploma in Visual Journalism (DVJ)

Whole program (1 year)

Number of enrolled units 3 units/course N/A
Tuition fee ?16,000/3 units or 1 course ?80,000
Registration fee To be paid upon admission to the program ?10,000 fee covers the following:

•       registration fee,

•       library fee,

•       ID,

•       internet access,

•       development fee,

•       administration fee and

•       diploma fee

Library fee ?1500/3 units or 1 course
Diploma fee Issued by Ateneo/ACFJ
On-campus sessions Once only for the whole program to be shouldered by the students
a. Duration 1 week
b. Estimated amount of expenses Inclusive of air fare, and board & lodging Will depend on the country of origin
c. Visa Fees/Special Study Permit Arranged with the PH government’s Bureau of Immigration ?5,000

Total of estimated tuition and other fees



To download application form, visit the Diploma in Visual Journalism page


*accompanied photo by: Aaron Romero (2015 DPJ student)

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