ACFJ student, alumni receive international photo awards

by | Sep 6, 2013 | Alumni

Visual literacy student Yusuf Ahmed and DPJ alumni A.M. Ahad and Soham Gupta were among the 10 photographers recognized in Transparency International’s youth photo and writing competition last month. Their photos bested around 500 entries on the theme ‘Illustrate the negative effects that corruption has on your world,’ according to the organizer’s website.


Ahmed, one of the eight students in a certificate course being offered by ACFJ under the visual journalism program, won third place for his photo of the tragedy that struck a garment factory in Bangladesh in April. He currently works as a communication officer for Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee.


On the other hand, Ahad and Gupta received honorable mentions for their photos of a rally against corruption and an illegal burning of leather scraps in Bangaladesh and India, where they work as freelance photojournalists respectively. They were also among the recent graduates of the Diploma in Photojournalism program.


As stated in a press release, the competition was held in celebration Transparency International’s 20th anniversary.

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